Kyrious Real estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society is a company focused on helping its members save and invest towards purchasing property. This is accomplished by combining simplicity, discipline, convenience, and flexibility to enable you manage your finances better by saving little amounts of money periodically (monthly) towards the aim of property acquisition.
YES. We are located at: 62/64 Campbell Street., Lagos Contact Number: +234 (706) 437-1001 Email address: kyrious@eximiarealty.com
You can sign up and register by providing basic information such as your name, phone number and email address on our website. You will be subsequently contacted to fill the required form and upload necessary documents.
We have a web-based platform that provides members with 24/7 access from any location worldwide.
A member can save as low as 50,000 Naira per Month.
YES. A member can increase or change he/her savings plan once it is communicated and approved by management.
To become a member of the cooperative, you need to pay for: Joining Fee: ₦ 25,000 one-off Admin Fee: ₦ 10,000 per annum Allocation: ₦ 100,000 per share(2 share maximum
The two (2) shares represent the interests held by the member in the Cooperative.

A member’s shares does not count towards his/her saving when he/she purchases a property or land from Eximia Real Estate Company.

No member shall hold more than one-fifth of the number of shares actually paid up by all members.
YES. No member shall hold more than one-fifth of the number of shares actually paid up by all members.

A member shall in writing nominate a person or persons to whom his shares or interest in the society shall be transferred.

Every member has full access and control of his account and can determine the frequency of his monthly savings, provided that the minimum monthly payment is met.

All members must login into the Kyrious E-business platform in order to save.

However, in rear occasions, a member can also pay directly to the bank provided that he/she communicates the details of the transaction to a Kyrious operative.
Not at the moment.

A member can pause and continue he/her savings plan once it is communicated (via email) and approved by Management.
100% secure. Our payment gateway uses standard secure technologies to process all online transactions.
Each members receives an interest rate of 5%.
Interest is accrued daily on your balance, and paid monthly.
Withdrawal shall be by one month’s Notice conveyed in writing to the Management Committee provided that the withdrawing member is neither indebted to the Society nor surety for any unpaid debt.
Follow the link on our website to “Eximia Projects”.
Not at the moment.